Review of the Memrise Website for Learning Languages 2023

Memrise is a website that helps users learn languages for free by utilizing the website’s user community to both teach and improve language learning for everyone engaged.

It helps you correlate words with one another for easier recall by utilizing audio, visuals, and memory strategies. In addition, it gives you periodical exams to ensure that you remember the concepts. In addition to using it from the internet, you may also use it through the app that they provide for learning languages.

Languages That Are Supported

You have the opportunity to become proficient in the following 23 languages: Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese (and no script Japanese), Korean, Mongolian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian and Portuguese), Russian, Slovenian, Spanish (Mexico and Spanish), Swedish, Turkish, Yoruba, and Yoruba.

The One-of-a-Kind Method That Memrise Employs

Memrise will assist you in remembering a variety of different ideas by utilizing complex encoding. It establishes a connection between the translation and terms that are already recognizable to you, as opposed to having you go through words and translations and attempting to commit these in their original form to memory.

The website presents the example of associating the meaning of the Spanish term aburrido, which means “boring,” with its equivalent in the English language by saying “it’s aburrido to eat a burrito with every meal.” This is really beneficial for you as an English speaker since the statement makes sense to you, but the Spanish translation can be simply inserted into it to assist you in constructing a relationship between the two terms.

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As you become more familiar with it, you will have the opportunity to teach others by contributing the memory aids and mnemonics that you have. This contributes to the expansion of the service and ensures that the content is current.

You’ll be examined using a variety of methods. For instance, you might be given a problem consisting of questions and answers to solve, followed by a question consisting of multiple choice options later on, even though both questions test you on the same idea.

This variant helps to keep the questions fresh while also serving as a speedy method to guarantee that you recall the information that you learn.

When conducting regular evaluations, spaced repetition is typically utilized. It will do so more frequently in the beginning with tests that are simpler as you learn new words, and then it will do so less frequently with tests that are more difficult as those terms commit to long-term memory. To keep you learning and remembering without overwhelming you, these reviews have been exactly spaced out for you.


Getting Started

You can choose the language you already speak as well as the language you want to study by going to the Courses page. Next, you have the option of beginning as a novice who is completely unfamiliar with the language; or, if you already have some experience, you can skip ahead to save time and avoid going over the fundamentals again.

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After selecting a class, you will be given the option to quickly establish a new account or sign in using an existing one, such as one you have with Google or Apple. As soon as you log in, the lesson will start right away, but you also have the option to go through all of the different courses that are offered for your language.

The list of classes that are available to people who speak American English, for instance, can be found here. They are organized into several categories according to the languages being studied, and each lesson includes information about the number of students currently enrolled in it as well as an estimated completion time.

You can further narrow your search results by selecting additional criteria such as the arts, entertainment, memory training, and trivia.

Memrise makes learning fun by incorporating a game-like element into the experience. As an incentive for you to continue advancing in the program, you will receive points for completing courses and learning new terms. These points will move you up through the ranks of the program. In addition, there is a flower off to the side of the page that expands in phases as you make progress through the levels.

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If you enjoy gaining knowledge among your peers, you may also find the Groups section of this website to be of interest. According to Memrise, a group is beneficial because its members can compete against one another for first place in the leaderboards and can view the weekly, monthly, and all-time high scores. Another reason why a group is beneficial is that its members can view the weekly, monthly, and all-time high scores.

In addition to that, there is an entire page that is devoted to phrasebooks. Although while it does not support all languages, you can still use it to learn a wide variety of Japanese phrases, for instance.

The categories include things like going out to eat, being lost in space, making small chat, going on an adventure, making a peace offering, and a lot more. You can view the translation, and even hear it read by a person who is fluent in the language.


Memrise Pro

All that you have read up to this point is completely free. When paid for on an annual basis, the cost of a Memrise Pro subscription from this provider can be as low as less than $5 each month. It is possible that you will save money in the long run by purchasing the one-time-only lifetime membership if you anticipate using the product for a period of time greater than a few years.

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A paid subscription grants complete access to all available languages, unlocks all lessons, and removes all advertisements from the platform.


Our Opinions About Memrise

We are huge fans of the methods that Memrise employs to teach new linguistic ideas. Because of the mnemonic strategies contributed by users, navigating the website and using the app is not only pleasing to the eye but also appears to be effective.

The fact that it is tough to understand what you are doing on the website is one of the things that we do not like about it. The website is comprised of thousands of different courses, and although several widely used languages are separated into common sections such as Beginner and Advanced, you will need to search the site in order to find other languages, the majority of which do not provide the same content as the more widely used languages.

In addition, although there are many resources that are free to use, some of them require a membership fee in order to access them. Having said that, this restriction did not impede our ability to utilize the site in any way, nor did it prevent us from accessing information that was helpful.