Review of Fundrise – Company Overview & News

Real estate investment platform Fundrise aspires to do two things: make real estate investing easier and more accessible to regular people. Fundrise is one of the few real estate investing platforms that accepts non-accredited investors. Most real estate crowdfunding platforms need big initial investments, as is customary for traditional real estate investing. Fundrise stands out from the pack by accepting investments as low as $10, in contrast to the $25,000 to $50,000 required by many rival platforms.

The real estate deals on this platform are among the best you’ll find anywhere. Fundrise investors have access to a huge portfolio of institutional-quality properties, including commercial real estate, multifamily buildings, single-family rentals, and ground-up developments, from which they may earn cash flow and long-term growth.

An Overview of Fundraise

The vast opportunity that real estate investments present for amassing wealth and creating passive income is well-known and widely accepted among investors. The majority of people face considerable financial and logistical challenges when trying to gain access to real estate investment alternatives outside single-family houses.

Over the past few decades, the federal government has insured private house loans, allowing millions of Americans to finally experience the financial benefits of homeownership. When the government started guaranteeing loans, financial institutions loosened their lending standards. Home ownership continues to be the most popular form of real estate investment today.

However, the passive income side of real estate investing has been largely walled off from the general public due to its exorbitant cost. Fundrise’s real estate platform aspires to change this status quo by allowing users to invest as little as $10 in real estate equity. That’s a big change from the norm for real estate investments, which usually involve getting approved as an investor and putting down six figures.

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What is the process of using Fundrise?

Both of Fundrise’s founders have extensive experience in the real estate investment industry and as fund managers, and they have amassed millions of dollars for their clients. Seeing that the majority of their customers were already wealthy, they created Fundrise to open up real estate investing to people who couldn’t otherwise do so due to a lack of access to standard investment vehicles like stocks and bonds.

The founders of Fundrise found the restriction of individual investors to stock purchases particularly galling because their own research had shown that the best-performing funds they represented were heavily invested in real estate.

Therefore, the firm set out to provide a means through which non-accredited investors might participate in the same commercial and institutional investments as large institutions such as mutual funds and real estate investment trusts. Fundrise achieves this goal by establishing a set of real estate investment opportunities that are available to both accredited and non-accredited investors. All of Fundrise’s products and services can be categorized as:


  • Fixed income The stable, predictable income generated by things like a mortgage.
  • Core plus Multifamily real estate as a long-term investment for passive income is “core plus.”
  • Value Add refers to the practice of making long-term investments in under-performing properties with the intention of raising rents and property values through the implementation of
  • Opportunistic Investments made with the intention of making a profit, such as the purchase and renovation of underutilized assets in booming areas.
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Its minimal investment and overall risk rise as you move up this scale. This is also true of the possible profit payout, which might increase. Investing in riskier ventures requires a larger initial commitment, but can result in a larger payoff, allowing you to amass wealth more quickly.

You, as an investor, have the flexibility to focus on one or two asset classes or create a diversified portfolio. Keep in mind that certain of the value-added and opportunistic investments may call for certification.

Investors should also keep in mind that while Fundrise has several offers with low entry requirements, the majority of them require a significant time commitment before they may be withdrawn. You should be financially stable enough to wait an indefinite amount of time before withdrawing funds from your investing account. Your ability to sell your investment on the secondary market will be constrained, if not nonexistent.

Charges for Raising Money Through Crowdfunding

Going to a downtown fine dining establishment that offers valet parking will cost you extra. Similarly, investing in real estate can be fruitful. The costs of investment management, compliance with regulatory regulations, and investor communication are universal and must be borne by the investment’s sponsor or owner. Similar to the cost of valet parking at an upscale restaurant, these charges have become inevitable.

However, it is always preferable to have a lower fee rather than a higher one. Fundrise is designed for the average investor. Consequently, the platform does a great job of keeping its pricing policy uncomplicated and easy to understand. The annual fee for any offering you invest in is 0.15 percent of your initial investment.

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This means that if you invest $1,000, you will pay a total of $1.50 per year. A real estate investment trust (REIT) product from Fundrise comes with an extra annual cost of 0.85%, bringing the total annual fee to 1%, or $10.00 for $1,000 invested.

There may be a little development cost associated with certain offerings, but no other surcharges, transaction fees, or commissions will be incurred. There could be an early liquidation fee if your offering has a secondary market. If there are any additional costs beyond the 0.15 percent that are not disclosed in the investing prospectuses, the platform performs a fantastic job of informing you about them.

Easy-to-Use Crowdfunding

Fundrise is investor-friendly because it is simple to navigate and points you in the direction that best fits your personal investment style. After a brief registration process, the website will ask you a series of questions designed to get to know you and your investment preferences.

The platform will generate a personalized investor profile for you based on your responses and place you in one of five tiers of access depending on the nature of your investment activity. Below is a breakdown of these tiers:

  • The initial investment is only ten dollars.
  • Basic: $1,000
  • Core: $5,000
  • Subtracted: $50,000
  • Price of Insurance: $100,000

After receiving your investor profile, you will be directed to a user-friendly dashboard. This dashboard will contain a pie graph that indicates the balance of your investments, where your money is invested and how well your investments are performing. At the very top of your homepage, you’ll see your account level classification, which is determined by your responses to the survey questions.

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You can take part in more advanced products as your investment status improves. Premium and Advanced account users get access to even more investment features. Regardless of your account level, exploring investments and loading funds into your Fundrise account is an easy process. A complete novice to online investment platforms will have no trouble getting started with Fundrise.

Capital-Rising Offers

While a user-friendly interface and low entry costs are crucial, an investment platform is only as good as the investments it offers. This is another area where the Fundrise business model shines. The website caters to all levels of investors by providing a wide variety of investment options. See what’s on offer on Fundrise.

Each and every one of Fundrise’s services has been thoroughly examined by the platform’s experts to ensure they are both high-quality and viable. Even if there is still no assurance of success, it is comforting to know that your chosen offering has been examined by experts and found to be satisfactory.

Many of Fundrise’s real estate funds qualify as REITs for federal income tax purposes. Depending on their risk tolerance and long-term objectives, investors can divide their money among several different funds. Investors with a Basic Portfolio can buy into the flagship Flagship Real Estate Fund. Additional products, including eREITs, Income Fund, Opportunity Zone Fund, and Housing eFund, become available once your account balance reaches $1,000.