How to Start Day Trading Gold

Day Trading Gold – As a result of the fact that gold is traded on public exchanges, its value shifts on a minute-to-minute basis.

The price of gold is established based on the ratio of supply to demand in the market. Gold is appealing to people despite the fact that it can neither be consumed nor drunk. Because it does not corrode and the composition of the substance permits some absorption of light, which results in a yellow glow, it has been utilized as a form of currency.

People can buy or sell gold for a variety of reasons, including pure speculation, the desire to acquire or distribute actual gold, or as a hedge for commercial applications of gold. This creates a flow of demand and supply. Day traders engage in gold trading with the goal of making a profit from the precious metal’s day-to-day price fluctuations.

Important Takeaways

  • Speculating on short-term changes in the price of gold is known as day trading, and the entire process is conducted online.
  • Trading gold through futures contracts allows one to do so without ever having to physically handle the precious metal.
  • Day trading gold funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States requires a minimum account balance of $25,000.


Futures Markets

Speculating on the short-term price swings of gold is referred to as day trading. Gold is not handled in its physical form, nor is it taken into ownership at any point. Instead, all of the dealings are done digitally, and the only changes that are displayed in the trading account are any gains or losses.

Trading gold can be done in a variety of different ways. The most common approach is to enter into a futures contract, which is essentially an agreement to purchase or sell a certain commodity (like gold) at a point in the future. When you buy a gold futures contract, it does not necessarily mean that you have to take actual possession of the physical commodity.

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Day traders make their money by closing out all of their contracts (trades) at the end of each trading day and calculating the profit based on the difference in price between where they bought the contract and where they sold it. The COMEX is the market for trading gold futures. There is something known as a micro gold future (MGC), which stands for 10 troy ounces of gold, and there is something known as a standard gold future (GC), which stands for 100 troy ounces.

Only $0.10 increments are permitted when trading gold on the futures exchange. The smallest possible change that can be made to a futures contract is referred to as a “tick,” and this increment is called a “tick.”

When you purchase or sell a futures contract, your profit or loss is determined by the number of ticks the price moves away from the price at which you entered the trade. To begin determining whether or not you made a profit, it is necessary for you to first determine the tick value of the contract that you are trading. You can also see this on your trading platform, but it is still a good idea to familiarize yourself with the process.

The value of one tick in a normal contract is ten dollars. This is due to the fact that one contract represents one hundred ounces of gold, and one hundred ounces multiplied by the ten cents per tick size yields ten dollars. It means a one-tick movement will result in a profit or loss of $10 for each contract, regardless of which direction the movement goes. You either win or lose $100 depending on how far it moves after each tick. If you are holding three contracts and it moves 10 ticks, the difference between your profit and loss is $300.

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The value of one tick in a microcontract is one dollar. This is due to the fact that one contract represents ten ounces of gold, and ten ounces multiplied by a single dollar equals one dollar. The price of one dollar corresponds to 10 ticks. That means that a movement of one tick will result in either a gain of $1 or a loss of $1 for each contract. You either win or lose $10 depending on how far it moves after each tick. If you are holding three contracts and it moves 10 ticks, the difference between your profit and loss is $30.


Futures on Gold

Your futures broker will determine the minimum balance in your account that is required for you to be able to day Trading Gold futures contract. In order to create a trade for one E-Mini Gold Futures contract using NinjaTrader, for example, you need to have a minimum of $1,000 in your trading account. You also need to have enough money in the account to cover any losses that might occur.

You need to have $2,000 in your trading account in order to make a day transaction of a regular Gold Futures (GC) contract. In addition, you need additional funds in order to cover any potential losses.

The amount of money that must be deposited with your broker in order to initiate a position for day trading is referred to as “intra-day margin.” It varies depending on the broker and is subject to modification at any time.

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These calculations are based on the assumption that you engage in day trading and close out your positions each day before the market closes. If you maintain positions overnight, you will be subject to Initial Margin and Maintenance Margin requirements, which will require you to have more money in your account. These rules are designed to protect investors from excessive losses.


Gold, exchange-traded funds, and/or stock day trading

Trading gold on a daily basis can also be done through the use of funds that are traded on stock exchanges, such as the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD). You are able to trade the price changes in gold if you have an account with a stock trading firm.

Because the trust maintains gold holdings in reserve, its value is directly proportional to the price of gold. The price of an investment in the SPDR Gold Trust corresponds to around one tenth of the price of gold. If gold futures are now trading at $1,500, then the price of the Gold Trust will likely be somewhere around $150.

The trust can be traded on the market much like a stock. Because $0.01 is the smallest amount by which the price can fluctuate, each time the price moves by a cent, you either gain or lose $0.01 in value for each share that you hold. Because stocks and exchange-traded funds are often traded in blocks of 100 shares, also known as “round lots,” this means that if the price fluctuates by one penny and you possess 100 shares, you will either gain or lose one dollar.

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Your 100-share stake would result in either a gain of $100 or a loss of $100 if the price moved from $120 to $121. If you own 500 shares, each change in the price will result in a gain or loss of $500 for your portfolio. When day trading a gold ETF, the amount of capital you require in your account depends on the price of the ETF, the amount of leverage you use, and the size of the position you take.

In order to engage in a day trading of stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States, you are needed to have a minimum balance in your account equal to $25,000. It is possible that you will need more than $25,000 available to you at any given time. This will depend on the amount of income you desire to earn as well as your leverage.


Questions That Are Typically Asked about Day Trading Gold(FAQs)

What exactly does it mean to trade “spot gold”?
The current market price of a security can also be referred to as the “spot” price. When investors discuss the “spot gold price,” they are referring to the price at which one ounce of gold could be bought in the present market.

This is the price at which an ounce of gold could be bought in the present market. This distinguishes the price of gold from the prices of instruments that track the price of gold, such as futures, exchange-traded funds, and options.

What price do people currently Trading Gold for?
Because the price of gold shifts throughout the day, a price that is published today is unlikely to be correct the following day.

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You will have access to the gold price and charting tools to analyze the movement of the price if you use a trading brokerage as your intermediary. There are various possibilities for charting software that come from a third party.