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Drops For Language Learning– It is not a simple task to become fluent in a new language. To learn and become fluent in a foreign language takes a significant amount of time, effort, commitment, and self-control. It is considerably more difficult for adults to learn a new language than it is for children.

This is because the cognitive capacities and skills necessary for language acquisition might be difficult to develop into maturity.

Nevertheless, in today’s world, where technology is so powerful and innovative, it is much simpler to learn anything. It has been demonstrated that platforms based on video games are both useful and efficient in assisting individuals in retraining their minds and learning new languages.

Some people find that using new apps and software that can be available on the market makes it simple and easy to brush up on their skills.

Drops For Language Learning! is a game that exemplifies the use of cutting-edge and inventive technology to assist individuals in the process of vocabulary acquisition. Continue reading this article from to learn more about this software and determine whether or not it will meet your requirements regarding language learning.

An Interactive Game-Based Approach To The Study Of Languages

Language Drops
Language Drops

Visits us here at Kahoot! learners who are interested in improving their language skills will find that using this method makes language learning more interesting and fun.

The game functions by including several useful terms and vocabulary through the use of simplified visuals and in-game mini-games. The program is a lot of fun, and it manages to make learning a language both educational and enjoyable at the same time.

Because it is a product of the successful and forward-thinking Kahoot! firm, which is well-known for its variety of fantastic educational games that make learning entertaining for students, the app employs the same method: it uses games and graphics to imprint language into user’s brains.

Drops’s visual aspect, fast sessions that only last five minutes, amusing and addicting activities, and the fact that it has more of an emphasis on vocabulary than grammar are some of the features that help set it apart from other language learning apps.

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45 Languages You Should Aim to Master

Over 45 different languages are accessible for users to select while using Drops; this outstanding choice of languages that may be learned is one of the primary reasons why Drop has become a fan favorite among people who are interested in learning languages.

In addition to the languages that are typically taught in schools, such as French, German, Greek, Italian, and English, this app also includes instruction in a variety of less common tongues, such as Ainu, Bosnian, Croatian, Esperanto, Hawaiian, Greek, Hebrew, Igbo, Maori, Persian, Samoan, Swahili, Tagalog, and Yoruba.

Image Source Drops – A Kahoot
Image Source Drops – A Kahoot

Drops also offers beginning alphabet lessons in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, and Hindi to students who are interested in learning any of these languages.

Beginning With Drops

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store provide users with the opportunity to download Drops at no cost. The app has been downloaded over five million times and received an amazing rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play; it is a true game-changer in terms of the growth of vocabulary and the acquisition of languages.

Drops – A Kahoot
Drops – A Kahoot

Drops Premium: Uninterrupted Learning

There are three different payment options available for subscriptions: a monthly plan that costs $8.49 per month, an annual plan that costs $5 monthly ($60 per year), and a lifetime plan that costs $149.99 per year.

Key Attributes That You Will Love

The major feature of the Drop app for users who are only making use of the free basic version is a session that lasts for five minutes and costs nothing.

Following each session that lasts five minutes, users will be required to wait ten hours before they can unlock the subsequent levels and go on to the following themes.

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The knowledge is broken up into manageable chunks that are easily consumed and recalled in five-minute sessions, despite the fact that some people may argue that it is restricting. As a result, these sessions are quite useful.

Aside from that, there is no reason for anyone not to complete their daily session because it only takes five minutes out of anyone’s day and everyone has that much spare time.

The Most Effective Dictionary Guide

Because the software employs gamification as a teaching method, it combines the enjoyable and compulsive aspects of language study in a single package. The goal is to make effective use of people’s time by allowing them to enjoy games while also gaining knowledge and acquiring new skills.

In addition to that, the program places an emphasis on vocabulary instruction, with the goal of fostering a working knowledge of everyday words.

Because of this, using Drops is no guarantee of fluency. Rather, it is most useful for those who are learning a language because it is such a terrific tool to add to their vocabulary.

Words That Are Important To Know Regarding the Drops Topics

In general, topics are arranged according to one of these 15 categories: Food and Drinks, Travel Talk, Foundation, Nature and Animals, People and Health, Travel and Vehicles, Home and Garden, City and Shops, Business and Technology, Fashion and Clothing, Fun and Recreation, Science and Wisdom, Sports and Fitness, Society and Politics, and Time and Dates.

During each of the five-minute sessions, you will be exposed to a variety of subtopics that correspond to the various categories. It varies depending on the broad category how many subtopics there are. Because it has such a vast array of subtopics that span everything under the sun, it is almost certain that you will come across popular words that you may add to your vocabulary.

The first subject that will be discussed falls under the heading of “Food and Drinks” by default. Included in the first subtopic of the Food and Drinks heading are fundamental food items such as fish, fruit, breakfast, cheese, soup, fork, plate, and a great number of additional terms.

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With the help of Travel Talk, you may travel with complete assurance.

The most recent addition to Drops, Travel Talk, quickly gained popularity among users because of the ease with which it could be utilized and the importance it held for them.

This subject is broken down into 11 different subtopics that include topics such as traveling, getting about, shopping, haggling, and socializing with locals. These are some words that are used frequently and that you may most likely come across while on your trip.

You will be able to feel secure and become familiar with conversational phrases to help you with your travels if you learn more than 200 words to use in the course.


Tabs for Collections and Your Profile

The Collections tab, which is the second icon located on the lower section of your screen, displays all of the words that you have discovered while using the software. Simply clicking on the heart icon to the right of the item will add it to your Favorites list, allowing you to readily access it at a later time.

You can also click on each word to hear it pronounced multiple times by selecting that option from the menu. It is a very fantastic feature that can assist you in enhancing your vocabulary as well as your ability to remember words and their meanings.

Words that are filed under Collections are also organized into categories according to their broad subject matter (i.e., Food, Travel, Nature, etc.). You may also look for them by utilizing the search box that is located at the very top of the screen.

You have the option of sharing a word through the Visual Dictionary by simply clicking the three dots that are located beside each word (an external feature by Drops). You may also report the word for typographical issues, errors in translation or pronunciation, or visuals that are inappropriate or irrelevant.

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Personalize Your Experience Through the Use of Profiles

You have the ability to select both the language and the level of proficiency that you will be studying for the day under the Profiles tab. You have the option of starting at the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced level.

In addition, the Profiles tab displays the number of consecutive days you have used the software. In addition to that, it provides a calendar that marks down the days on which you have successfully completed a session lasting five minutes.

Once you have reached a certain number of days on your streak, achievements such as Archer and Marathoner will become available for unlocking. The longer the winning streak, the more valuable the prizes!


Reviews As Well As Comments Regarding The Application

The application received recognition as Google Play’s Best App of 2018, and ever since then, developers have been working to enhance its functionality to better serve app users.

The correction of some pronunciation and spelling problems as well as some technological faults, such as mismatches between the illustration and the word, could be considered some steps toward progress.

Users have stated that Drops is the app that they use the most frequently to improve their vocabulary, and that this is due to the program’s straightforward and up-to-date user interface.

However, a number of the suggestions center on lengthening the daily five-minute session that is available to free users in order to make the most of their time.

Excellent Pronunciations

The app also takes pride in its audio library of pronunciations, which include native speakers pronouncing words in order to provide information that is genuine and correct.



Drops is a groundbreaking program that takes advantage of gaming and seamlessly combines it with education to make the process of expanding one’s vocabularies and language skills as enjoyable as any other compulsive video game. There is no longer any justification for skipping out on daily education because to Drops.

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To turn learning into a habit, all you need is the motivation to get started. Drops will assist users in developing a habit of learning while maintaining an emphasis on the importance of fun in the learning process. Try out the Drops app for yourself to see if it’s a good fit for improving your language abilities.