How Determine Their Own Personal Carbon Footprint Using the Klima App

Find Out How Individuals Can Determine Their Own Personal Carbon Footprint Using the Klima App

Since the beginning of this century, people all over the world have been discussing climate change and the ways in which we might adapt to its consequences and safeguard ourselves against its worst impacts. Carbon footprints have been identified as one of the factors contributing to the accelerated pace of climate change in the modern era.

Being conscious of the amount of greenhouse gas emissions you cause is one approach to cut down on the impact you have on the environment. There is, thankfully, an application for mobile devices called Klima that can compute an individual’s carbon emission.

The Klima app has a great number of elements that promote the offsetting of individual carbon footprints while also providing assistance for a variety of environmental programs. Find out how you can help the environment while still enjoying the benefits of the mobile application and learn more about how you can download it here.

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The Beginning of Klima

In recent years, there has been a heightened understanding of the need for environmental awareness, and the number of people getting involved in environmental concerns has been, and will continue to be, on the rise. Increasing people’s awareness of the reasons is critical since it motivates them to take action.

This is the goal that the Berlin, Germany-based team working on the social start-up has in mind. They advocated for something to be done to combat the effects of global warming, and they intended to put their skills as designers and engineers to use in order to make that advocacy a reality.

The accomplishment of this objective was made possible by Markus Gilles, Jonas Brandau, and Andreas Pursian-decision Ehrlich’s to form Klima. The group of three intended to make a significant contribution to solving some of the most urgent problems facing the environment while also giving others the tools they needed to do the same.

The Klima app has the goal of generating a domino effect through the use of the individual contributions of its users in the reduction of their individual carbon footprints. The group’s goal was to transform these seem little gestures into widespread social movements and demonstrate the significance of individual efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Downloading the Klima

Downloading the Klima mobile application does not cost anything, and is available for users of both Android and iOS. Installing the application requires a search in either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for the phrase “Klima — Live carbon neutral.”

Take note that Klima is available in every country on the planet for iOS users, but the Android app can only be downloaded in 18 countries at this time. You should not be concerned because the team assures us that they are continuing to work toward making the application accessible to users of Android devices in every country.

During the installation process, the application will request that you sign up by providing your email address; however, if you have an existing account, you may simply log in. You will be required to supply some of your most fundamental personal information, including your name and location.

Use Klima to Determine Your Personal Carbon Footprint

The Klima app does a calculation to determine your carbon footprint, which allows you to learn the average amount of greenhouse gases you contribute to the atmosphere. After registering with Klima, you will immediately have access to this function, which is one of the most important aspects of the program.

In order to determine your specific carbon footprint, you will need to provide responses to a number of questions concerning your way of life. These questions include “What kind of shopper are you?” and “What best describes your diet?” in addition to “How many flights do you take per year?” and a great deal more.

On the Klima app’s chat interface, there is a multiple-choice format for you to respond to these questions. After you have responded to all of the questions, which should only take about three minutes, the software will then automatically compute your own carbon footprint.

The computation of the app is based on your individual responses to the lifestyle questions, which it then compares to the national baseline data of the country in which you currently reside. The results of the calculator are only a rough approximation of your personal carbon footprint, which is based on your specific circumstances.

Climate Change and the Offsetting of Your Carbon Footprint

To “offset” the effect of something implies to balance it out or make up for it in some way. By contributing to Klima’s environmental initiatives or solutions through offsetting, you are working toward the goal of reducing your overall carbon footprint. To put it more simply, you are attempting to offset the impact of your personal carbon footprint by participating in Klima’s various programs.

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Because the app computes your personal carbon footprint, it will also provide you with suggestions on how you can offset your emissions through the purchase of a recurring service. The funds will be utilized to fund projects that will assist negate the carbon gases that are occurring all around the planet.

You now have the platform to take action, even through more easy means, thanks to Klima. Your offset can assist impact the projects that the team is working on since the team believes that helping individuals with their problems can have a significant impact on the cause that they are working for. Not only does Klima App raise people’s awareness of the challenges facing the environment, but it also compels them to take action.

Projects undertaken by Klima

Klima has highlighted a number of environmental initiatives that are thought to be the answer to the climate’s deteriorating situation.

The most important aspects of the Klima App initiative are tree planting, the introduction of solar electricity, and the substitution of gas or electric stoves for wood-burning ones in kitchens. Additionally, the group has the goals of innovating, helping communities, and reviving ecosystems.

Because studies have shown that it will be helpful if humans can reduce, if not completely eliminate, the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere, planting trees is still a fundamental solution to the problem of climate catastrophe. Trees are not only one of the most sustainable ways to reduce carbon in the atmosphere but also one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere.

Even if humans construct enormous devices to remove carbon dioxide from the air and store it in underground reservoirs, these efforts are not sufficient. People have the best natural machines available to them in the form of trees. Klima App is of the opinion that one of the most effective ways to address the issue is to plant trees.

Tree-Planting Efforts Made for the Climate

There are three different tree planting projects that you can choose to support through Klima App. The first one is bringing back to life the beaches of Madagascar that are covered with mangroves. According to Klima, mangroves have the ability to help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, keep soil in place along the coast, and, most significantly, provide homes for wildlife for an extended period of time.

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The second initiative involves reforesting degraded farmland in Panama by planting trees in and around the fields. The initiative was the first agroforestry project to ever be awarded the Gold Standard certification. The land that was once farmed is rapidly transitioning into a dense forest that is rich in wildlife.

Last but not least, Klima App formed partnerships with a number of indigenous groups in Tanzania to restore degraded woods to their former, thriving state. The team decided to work on this project because to Tanzania’s record of having lost 20% of its entire forest cover over the course of the last century.

Even More Climate Change Initiatives

Solar energy is one of Klima’s primary areas of attention, as the organization is also committed to harnessing the power of technology to assist in mitigating the effects of climate change. The group believes that it is past time to move away from energy systems that are based on fossil fuels and instead embrace those that are based on renewable energy sources.

The Mauritania Solar Power project is a big solar plantation in Africa that will be approximately 600,000 square meters in size. Klima App is a supporter of this project. The purpose of the project is to increase accessibility to renewable energy sources across the continent. This solar power plant is responsible for providing 15 percent of the nation’s total electrical output.

Cooking over open fires or in stoves with open flames is another method through which humans continuously produce carbon. Klima is of the opinion that there is no need to cook with wood because it contributes to the worsening of conditions in the environment and even the health of individuals.

Therefore, Klima App considered the possibility of reducing the usage of cooking over open fires by installing community cookstoves. The group formed a partnership with a neighborhood in Ghana that has access to safe and non-hazardous cooking fumes yet can still contribute to the preservation of trees.

Learn How Your Actions Affect the Climate.

The capability of the program to display your impact on the selected projects in real time is one of its primary selling points. Your profile will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the number of trees that have been planted as a direct result of your monthly subscription offset to Klima.

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This will keep you motivated because you will be able to see that the actions you take contribute to actual feasible solutions to the problem of climate change. By offsetting the amount of carbon that you produce, you can live a life that is not detrimental to the environment.

Offset Membership in the Klima Database

As was mentioned before, you are able to reduce the impact of your carbon footprint by contributing money to climate programs that can assist find solutions to climate change. Each month, you will be charged for your Klima subscription.

After the Klima app has finished calculating your carbon footprint, it will provide the individual cost of a monthly offset subscription based on your preferences. It indicates that the amount of money you owe will be determined by the way you live your life. A regular lifestyle may be maintained for only about $20 per month on average.

Additionally, the application gives you the ability to modify your offset amount whenever you want to reflect changes in the size of your carbon footprint. Additionally, it will be reflected on the real-time impact chart that is accessible through your profile.

You have the option of paying for your monthly subscription using a credit card; however, the app will request that you give the appropriate personal information in order to complete the transaction. In addition, Klima App gives you the option to terminate your subscription whenever you like.

The Climate Projects Are Funded Thanks to Your Subscription

Users may be curious in how the money they spend contributes to addressing climate change. The response provided by Klima App is straightforward: it largely provides funding for the programs that were outlined before. After you have subscribed, you will be given the option of selecting a particular project to financially back.

The funds that are collected by Klima App are broken down in detail on their website. They stated that 10% of the funds are allocated to the operating costs of the app in order to maintain its accessibility. Because individual impact accounts for seventy percent of the total money, the majority of the contribution you make through your membership goes directly to the cause you select.

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The remaining 20% is reserved for the collective impact, which is referred to in marketing. Klima App is of the opinion that it is essential to expand one’s user base in order for the app to successfully harness the power of collective action.


The Klima app is an ideal choice for you to consider if you are looking for ways to contribute to the solution of problems caused by climate change. It gives you the ability to become aware of your carbon footprint and provides you with several solutions to offset the effects of that footprint.

If you sign up for the monthly offset, you can contribute to the funding of Klima’s project initiatives, the ultimate goal of which is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. You will also have the ability to monitor your influence using the program.