8 Recommended Co-Parenting Apps To Download After Divorce

Co-Parenting Apps – Life will throw us curveballs, but we must persevere. Divorce adds stress and difficulty to the already heavy burden of parenting. As divorced co-parents, we will do what we can to assist you, but we cannot solve your problem entirely. In order to raise your child in a secure environment, we have compiled a list of the top 8 co-parenting apps currently available.

You may ensure your child is well-kept by planning ahead, arranging activities, and keeping an open line of communication. The aforementioned apps will unquestionably assist you in maintaining order in your child-related affairs according to your individual tastes and needs. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, these co-parenting apps will let you know about your child’s internet activity and help you keep them safe.

Co-Parenting Apps To Download As Divorced Co-Parents

Best Co Parenting Apps To Download After Divorce

We’ve listed the 8 finest co-parenting apps that will make your parenting experience, if not wonderful, at least easier.

FamiSafe Wondershare

Wondershare FamiSafe is a trusted app for families sharing parental responsibilities. With this app’s parental controls, you can restrict access to questionable content on your child’s mobile device, such as texts from strangers or improper content on their social media apps.

The ability to set up a geofence is a fantastic addition to this software. This is the area around your home where your youngster feels secure. If your child leaves that area without your permission, FamiSafe will send you an alert right away.

Please visit Wondershare Famisafe.


Because of its convenient scheduling and planning tools, Cozi is among the best co-parenting apps for coordinating family and individual activities. The calendar and alerts will help you remember all your kid needs to do at school and at home.

On both iOS and Android, you may download the bare-bones version for no cost at all. The service’s user interface is free to try before you commit to a paid membership.

Visit: Cozi

Here are some of the top app for moms.


In order to facilitate relatively stress-free co-parenting, WeParent is tailored to and supports separating parents. As a means of fostering a positive environment for raising children, it seeks to guarantee that even minor disagreements between parents don’t escalate into anything more serious. Inviting a youngster above the age of 13 to take part in family planning and schedules is easy with our co-parenting software. Moreover, the two parents can share a secure location to keep track of legal paperwork pertaining to their children.

Our Family Wizard

A calendar, document vault, budget spreadsheet, scheduler, and message filtering are just some of the tools included in our family wizard. This last function is helpful for legal processes since it ensures accurate documentation. The child’s health information is safely stored in its database.

Visit: Our Family Wizard


Coparently is another useful tool that aims to improve communication between co-parents. Its digital communication features facilitate better planning, listing, and monitoring. A divorced spouse or partner can be communicated with directly. Your tween or adolescent can benefit from using this app alongside you in order to make more informed choices and communicate more effectively. One of the top Co-Parenting apps because of its function.

Custody Connection

Custody Connection, a cloud-based app available exclusively on iOS, is another excellent co-parenting app. The app’s calendar will keep track of all the court dates and other events that pertain to your child’s custody. Many parents use the “trade request” system to rearrange their children’s schedules. With a mutually agreed upon custody date, tensions can be reduced and disagreements avoided.


Being a parent makes it easier to strike a balance between your professional and personal obligations. If you want to get more organized, this app has everything you need. When you launch this app, you’ll get a dashboard that summarizes all of your impending commitments. Having the option to create a separate kid profile is also great for providing more context.


Among the many co-parenting apps available, 2Houses is one that aims to incorporate different approaches to parenting in order to lessen conflict. The software has a user-friendly layout and includes features like appointment scheduling, calendar synchronization, and tracking the child’s immunization schedule. Schedule requests make it easy to switch around times and dates for events of different colors. If you’re using 2Houses with a mediator, the platform’s unique feature is that they can access your account completely with your permission to ensure everything is accurate.

Visit: 2Houses


Kids these days are getting their first taste of the internet at an earlier age than ever before thanks to the epidemic. Children need to be taught about online safety and information appropriate for their age. That task becomes exponentially more challenging after a parental divorce. We hope that the Co-Parenting Apps discussed here go a long way toward facilitating communication and organization between co-parents. My best wishes to you as a parent, and for the healthy development of your child.