10 Top Sites Stock Photos with Free and Cheap Images

Top 10 Websites to Visit If You’re Looking for Free or Low-Cost Images and Stock Photos

If you run a blog, create slideshows with music, keep an online diary, or simply want to personalize your PC with custom backgrounds, free high-resolution photographs are constantly in high demand because of the variety of uses for which they may be put. Let’s find out which websites are the greatest at providing free and low-cost stock pictures, shall we? Keep up with our list!



If you use a search engine and enter the term “free photos,” the first website that appears in the results is Shutterstock.com. It is a wonderful resource for stock photos, with more than 70 billion pictures available for download.

It depends. There is a section devoted to free photos that is refreshed every week. Typically, there are up to ten free photographs given by a particular photographer that can be downloaded for free until the following Sunday. This offer is valid until the end of the week.

What about the rest of the photographs that are available on Shutterstock? Every other image requires a purchase before you can download it. However, if you do not care about the watermark that is placed on the image, there is a trick that you can use.

What are the steps to take in order to download an image from shutterstock?

How To Download An Image From Shutterstock
How To Download An Image From Shutterstock

Step 1: Navigate to the website and look for the image you require by using the search box.
Step 2: To duplicate an image, select “Same image as” from the context menu that appears after clicking the right mouse button. Your web browser will download the free image with a watermark at the default resolution of 450 pixels wide by 320 pixels high.

It is recommended that you pay for an image if you want one with a higher resolution or one that does not have a watermark. The following types of subscriptions are available through Shutterstock:

Since one photograph in this gallery costs approximately $0.3, the Professional plan is more than reasonable for use on a consistent basis.

You also have the option of going to the following websites and searching for free images and photos to use for commercial purposes there.

Shutterstock Offers The Following Subscription Options
Shutterstock Offers The Following Subscription Options


DepositPhotos offers 46 million high-quality stock pictures and high-definition film clips that are all royalty-free and can be used for any creative purpose. There is also an area where you can download free stock photos. In order to gain access to them, you will need to register and then log in.


If you require a photograph that is not included in the free collection, you are required to subscribe to either a daily or a monthly plan, or you can purchase downloads on demand.

The pricing per photograph might range anywhere from $0.33 to $4.9 on average. The library is quite remarkable in its own right.



A website known as PhotoDune provides users with access to 10 million royalty-free stock pictures for a price of one dollar. You are welcome to download any of the free photographs that they provide on a regular basis here. In order to obtain them, you will need to log in. It is important to take note that you only have till the end of the month to get these free photos.

On PhotoDune, the price of regular photographs ranges from one dollar to nine dollars, depending on the needed dimension. The normal type of the license permits the dissemination of an image in an amount up to 250 thousand copies, however the number is unlimited for web publishing.

There is also an extended license available, which would cost advertising anywhere from $8 to $72 and will permit an unlimited number of copies.

Even though PhotoDune’s pricing are quite pricey in comparison to those of other stock picture sites, the site’s photographs consistently surpass any and all standards of excellence. You’ll be able to uncover true classics and stunning unstock collections in this section.



Another fantastic resource for obtaining free images to use in your projects is FreeImages.co.uk. You are permitted to select and download any image from this website; however, the terms of service require that you provide appropriate attribution if the image is used in any context. Every image can be used without having a watermark placed on it, and there is no price for either commercial or personal use.

Even though the gallery is not as remarkable as those on the sites I just mentioned (there are 16,000 stock photographs), all of the photos are unique and of a very high quality.



The website StockFreeImages.com provides 1.5 million free photographs that can be used for anything. You will need to sign up for an account in order to obtain one. Note that you are permitted to issue up to 10,000 copies with a free photo from this site if you are going to use an image from this website in a printed project. This restriction applies only if you are going to use an image from this website.


Pexels is a fantastic website that offers free high-resolution images. The Creative Commons Zero license applies to each and every one of the photos that can be found on Pexels. This means that you are allowed to use the photographs for any lawful purpose, and giving credit to the original creator is not necessary.

If you want to download an image from Pexels, all you have to do is select the one you want, then click the green button that says “Free Download” to open it up in its full size. Then, use the right-click menu to select Save as…


There are over 10,000 free stock pictures available in this collection. At least 1,500 brand-new high-resolution photographs are added every single month. The photographs were selected by hand from the content that was either provided by people or obtained from other websites.


More than 42 million pictures are available for viewing on the website dreamstime.com. You are welcome to continue on to the Free Photos section, which features about 500 free images covering a variety of subjects. Photographers and designers have generously provided these photos for use free of charge. In addition, you have the option of contributing your own objects to the collection.


The website is easy to navigate and features a wide variety of search criteria and category headings. You will need to purchase credits and sign up for a plan in order to download normal images.


Pixabay offers completely free and even high-resolution photos for download. You don’t even need an account to get your hands on one of these. Simply enter some characters from the image to proceed.

There are about 610 million pictures in this collection, making it quite extensive. You may show your support for the developers by making a donation or by spreading the news about the project on social media.

All of the photographs have been released under the Creative Commons CC0 license, which indicates that you are free to copy, edit, distribute, and use the images in any way you see fit, including for commercial endeavors, without having to obtain permission or provide acknowledgment. Additionally, this website contains a selection of sponsored photos provided by Shutterstock.


Photographers and designers who want to advertise themselves can do so effectively using Unsplash. The renowned creatives on the website select 10 new photographs once every ten days to feature on the main page. Additionally, each image is published under the Creative Commons Zero license. The process of downloading is exactly the same as it is on Pexels.com.

You can find out a lot of information about an image by clicking on the Stats or Info icons in the right bottom corner. This will tell you things like how many times it has been downloaded, what kind of camera was used to create it, and much more. These photographs are truly fascinating to look at.


StockSnap.io is just another excellent website on the internet where users can locate stunning free stock photographs. The site provides visitors with a very user-friendly search feature, which makes it simple for them to navigate among the hundreds of photographs that are available.

Simply clicking the Download button is all that is required to store an image on your computer. You are welcome to use and distribute any of the photographs for whatever purposes you see fit.